Choose to reborn, while alive.

MBT Method is based on the combination between tools to increase your energy, create clarity and create a new future, and the tools to release unnecessary energies from the past. Energies that keep you from growing, as a result of past events, large and small, that you have experienced in your life. The combination is a winning combo.
The mental coaching is great and effective. Nevertheless, mental coaching, alongside with liberation work from your physical body, is also making you feel more joyful and light, and also allows you to think in a creative way that brings new results into your life.

To transform the impossible, to possible.
For anyone who wants to change / upgrade / evolve and grow personally or business wise.

Online Coaching Program

Making our inner home a place we want to live in is an art, and an acquired skill.

Frontal & Online Course

“Money comes to where it’s invited and stays where it feels welcomed.”
If it’s that simple, how come it doesn’t happen for most people?

Digital Course

Personal Coaching

Our development is a never-ending process. Only when we do actual work on our lives, we can serve as a better instrument for our kids, our spouse, our parents, our friends and our environment.

Alongside all our courses, face-to-face and digital, we also do lectures or private workshops by demand, according to your organization/company needs.
The power of the group is meaningful and sweeping, and therefore, our abilities to get processes going, improve goals and give value in such space, is enormous.