The Money Game

Digital Course

"Money comes to where its invited and stays where it feels welcomed"

If it's that simple – how come most people don't invite it and keep it close?
Because we don't know how.

The objective - To have fun and turn money into a spiritual game

The energy you use in “The Money Game” is crucial for your success!
For ever and ever and ever – the things we focus on (or where we focus our energy), those are the things which will grow.
Meaning, the more we invest in our development, the more we receive from it. Same as if we will invest more in momentary pleasures, the more of them we’ll have.
When we invest in our development – not only do we change the results we want in our lives, the more valuable we become for other people (because when we grow, we have more to give others).
Money is only a mean (same as our body is a tool) through which we can achieve our dreams and ambitions.
With no money in our lives, we will be forced to give a lot of our dreams up.
Don’t give up. Don’t spend another minute of your time second guessing rather or not to give yourselves “The Money Game”, simply because you have nothing to lose – you have only lots to gain.
In the next 21 days you will be exposed to a new way of thinking, new ideas, new cool tasks – all of which we have created in order to bring you all the knowledge you need, for you to attract the abundance you deserve.
We are all meant to breathe freely and happily in the life we are given.
Once you have selected to start “The Money Game” and dedicate it 21 days for all the tasks – you will create a momentum, you are choosing yourselves, you are learning to think differently from the average individual and therefore, your lives are about to change. Period.
You can attract anything you want into your lives – you just need to know how.

21-Days Digital Course By Maayan Ben Tzion

After more than 15 years of doing personal work on myself and being part of thousands of breakthroughs, I see in other people, I know that if you want different results from most people – you have to think differently from the average individual.
I’ve seen it happen time and time again.
Be curious to get to know you, give in to the tasks and knowledge presented here in front of you –
And you will have results higher than you can ever dream of.
And then, yes, you will have the life you create in your own terms.

Course Price - 479 ILS

Recognized expense for tax purposes

Let's go, let's play!

We have dedicated tens and tens of hours in shooting and combining all the videos, edit them, refine the tasks so they will be easier to complete, and mostly – to give you all the more material in a short amount of time which will serve the growth of abundance in your space.
The real value of the program is 800 ILS.
Yet, we have decided it is important for us to allow practically anyone who wants to change their financial reality acquire “The Money Game”.
It is important for us to reach as many people as possible, so we are marketing “The Money Game” in a much lower price than the value you will receive.

Choose you. And let’s go, let’s play!