Coachers Course

Anyone can learn and practice increasing their happiness!

Happiness is what we feel when we strive to fulfill our potential
Next course opens Wednesday, 27 December 2023

A human lives inside himself…

Making your inner home a place you want to live in, is an art and an acquired skill.
According to the World Health Organization, the definition of health is a state of physical, spiritual and social well-being, not only the absence of a disease.
Well-being: a state of mind where a person feels they can fulfill their aspirations in life with a sense of love, happiness and liberation – those who don’t have that sense of well-being is not considered healthy, according to the WHO.
All throughout our lives, many times, due to personal crises and negative experiences we’ve disassociated ourselves from our emotions, our aspirations and, our free will. We have accustomed to living with lots of stress, and make up for ourselves (rightfully so) to that sense of tension that accompanies us. We are full of explanations and lack in getting in touch with ourselves.
The price we are forced to pay is huge.
The training process is meant to re-instate us to a natural, healthy situation where we can recall our aspirations and desires. A process where we will breathe better and allow ourselves to choose the life we really want to live in every given moment.
When we invest in ourselves, in our growth and development, we are more productive, focused and effective in our lives and therefore, we need less compensation and less tense.
So welcome, and thank you for choosing me to be a partner for your journey.

On a personal note, I would like to say a few words.
Speaking from my personal experience, your success in becoming a successful coaching business depends very much on your personal and courageous work you will do on yourselves and later on.
We all have a set of defense mechanisms that produces the same emotions. Emotions we keep coming back to, and because of it, we keep getting the same results.
Being that our life quality is set according to those emotions we tend to repeat, such as despair / frustration / anger / fear / sadness / concern, it’s important you learn how to create empowering emotions in your system – to separate them from the emotions that weakens you.
When you learn and successfully bring your life empowering emotions, combined with developing the abilities that already exist in you (such as flexibility, love, creativity, determination, etc.) you will achieve everything (that means succeeding in transforming what you see in your head, to reality). And then, when you completely trust your ability to create change/growth, you become a space of growth for others almost with no effort.
In other words, do the work on yourselves – you will have lots of clients. Don’t do the work on yourselves – you will limit the growth of your business.
This course won’t work for those of you looking for quick-fixes and doesn’t want to look inward.
It will most definitely work for those of you who are willing to work on creating the abundance in every aspect in life, and are willing to look in the mirror to do so.

At the end of the course, you will have

  • A deep understanding of the needs that run you and the things that motivate you.
  • Meaningful skills of listening and containment to yourselves and your surrounding environment.
  • Tools to handle objections from your clients and your surrounding environment.
  • Techniques of changing your limiting habits/beliefs.
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of how a change is made, and what it takes to make it.
  • Personal work on increasing the abundance in your lives.
  • A profession. Primary / secondary – your choice.
  • Work plans/action items on how to build your own business.
  • Extraordinary abilities to ask questions and influence your space.
  • Crazy sense of fulfillment.

This course is for people who want to..

  • Go on a journey with themselves to change the results they have and evolve.
  • Coach other people as a primary or subsidiary profession in their lives.
  • Impact their space, whether it is in their personal or their business life.
  • Enrich themselves with new, deeper abilities of listening, communication and understanding.
  • Build empowering and deep relationship with others.

The Mental Aspect

What is a coaching process? What are the expected obstacles in the business building process?
Define an action plan against each obstacle.
Developing deep listening and inclusion skills, listening levels in coaching, coaching in the face of customer fear and resistance, uncomfortable situations in the coaching room, what the clients reflect to us, contributing to the development of the trainees, how to resolve conflicts and decision making in the coaching room.

The Spiritual Aspect

Anything that connects us to nature/our infinite potential. In our potential, every person has the capability to heal himself. The information about healing is only within the person itself, and that’s why, it’s important to understand how can we connect to our potential. What are the different methods for connection? What is important for you to contribute to the client? Who do you want to be as coaches? Knowing the philosophy behind the coaching.

The Emotional Aspect

Knowing our emotional needs, knowing our body physiology, knowing the terms “frequency / energy”, how is a reality formed? What our energy / vitality has to do with our ability to breakthrough with ourselves and with our clients. What our fears have to do with our beliefs? How to release habits and beliefs that don’t support us from our lives? How to release “stuck” negative feelings from our cells? How to work with our fears? The dreaming channel and our dreams’ meanings.

The course opens once a year!

Next course opens Wednesday, 27 December 2023

Evening course 16:45-21:15  // Morning course 10:00-15:30 

The course is 260 academic hours.
The course includes face to face classes, mostly delivered by Maayan Ben Tzion, and practical hours in which the participants practice on applying the techniques and coaching method studied in the course.

The course takes place in Tel Aviv, Rosin Hall, 2 Yehiel Dov Drezner St. Tel Aviv.

We follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and Covid-19 protocols.

Early enrollment 10% discount by 1 November 2023

Liability and Admission Requirements

Personal online chat of 30 minutes with one of the course’s staff (for testing compatibility).
If you are found incompatible, all of the admission fee will be returned in full.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of registration before the start of the course – full refund.
Cancellation during the course – relative refund.

Why do we do a compatibility call?

The course is structured in depth, so it is important that we will listen to your expectations and examine together whether the course will give you a proper answer. It is important to us that each participant produces the maximum value that there is in this unique course.

Participation Diploma Requirements

  • 85% attendance minimum.

Coacher Diploma Requirements

  • 85% attendance minimum.
  • Handing in required tasks.
  • 105 hours of actual training (internship) – 7 clients for 15 sessions.
  • Complying with tests during the course.
  • Mandatory attendance in a mentoring program (guidance).
  • Individual work on your life (with a coach/therapist).
  • Submitting 3 sessions (with the clients’ consent).