Welcome, We Are Wellspring

Wellspring is a company for self-development and transformation, headed by Maayan Ben Tzion.
The goal is to be part of personal-development, breakthrough and individual processes.
We believe in personal work on our lives. Each and every one of the company’s employees do constant self-development work.
We are here for you; we want you with us. We invite you to grow and evolve in your life.

Maayan Ben Tzion

Lawyer, mediator, coacher
Founder & Owner of Wellspring – Maayan Ben Tzion

Since 2006, I practice personal and business coaching and conduct courses in breakthroughs. The courses are for individual and companies, and provide strategies and tools to breakthrough and transform in every field.
Up until 2016, I even sat as director in a public company.
I’ve been in seminars, held by the greatest mentors in the world such as Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra, I’ve gained and developed many skills including recognizing patterns that cause people happiness, joy, abundance, and on the other hand, patterns that cause suffering, unhappiness and shortage.
Over the years as a coacher, I’ve conducted over 20,000 hours of training I’ve met with hundreds of clients who were in a crisis, and those who wanted to bring development and change in at least one area of life.
The teaching I practice these days is based first of all on my personal experience, out of those crises I’ve experienced. Because of them, I can now give the permission to myself, without looking for the permission of others. Out of my personal experience and the blood I’ve shed, based on work I’ve done with hundreds of clients, comes the knowledge I pass on in the course.
At the age of 32, I had a huge turning point, my family and I had a large crisis when my 3-years-old was diagnosed with Leukemia. I found myself spending most of my time in the hospital, while I had another 1.5 years old at home, who also needed a mother. After a long and exhausting period, we were graced and we earned life. My daughter is now 21 and happy.
That crisis made me look at life from a different perspective and choose a different path, opening myself up to questions I never dared asking. As part of the process, I quit being a lawyer, and I started learning coaching. My heart started beating again.
And one last thing for now, our development work never ends. So, sometimes, in order to make a change, the first step is to agreeing to choose yourselves.

Dotan Halbreich

CEO in wellspring - Maayan Ben Tzion
A former entrepreneur and CEO, now trains directors and management teams to growth and breakthroughs

I’m a father of two sons (via surrogate), with a partner.
I chose to be in this space because I know the affect of internal work on my personal life and on my great results in my professional life. I feel obligated to be a model for my clients and for the whole environment, a powerful, valuable tool on the way of fulfilling each and every person’s destiny and increasing their wealth and happiness.    
I love seeing how people acquire the ability to act in purpose and passion and overcome obstacles and barriers that once prevented them to grow, and now no longer run them.
My favorite class is “Reality Manifestation”, and I admit it, I return to this class time and time again and enjoy it all over again.
I graduated the second coacher’s course, that started in 2021, and I joined the Wellspring team in the beginning of the coacher’s course of 2022.
It is an honor and privilege to be a part of such a fine, motivated team. There is truly a sense of pioneers fixing the world.

Yael Kapiloto

VP of Marketing and Development in Wellspring – Maayan Ben Tzion
Entrepreneur, content creator

From a very early age, the personal development world entered my life, when Maayan entered my life. It was when I was just under the age of 12. I re-chose the field when I was 20 years old, right when I finished my service at the IDF. Something in being one step ahead of everyone else (in my age), in getting involved with my personal development, with growing and evolving – fascinated me.
After doing “The Breakthrough Course” (second cycle), I was privileged to escort the next cycles, and that gave me tremendous satisfaction. Being in a crowd of people who put their personal development at the first priority, un knowingly (or knowingly), “obligates” you to grow as well. And it sweeps you off your feet.
My favorite class of “The Breakthrough Course” is without a doubt, ” Emotional dismantlement”. It’s amazing how in every course, you can see the participants transform throughout the class. It gives me chills, every time.
Honestly, to be a part of this group, which is basically a part of me, is a privilege to do good in the world. To be a part of people’s self-development journey is nothing short of a mission.
I’m so happy I am lucky enough to be part of other people’s journey.

Maayan Ram-Halperin

VP of Courses and Lectures in Wellspring – Maayan Ben Tzion
Co-Founder of the fashion label – GUILLAIN.CO

From the day I met Maayan and joined “The Breakthrough Course” my life has changed. I’ve changed. My thought process changed. I started breathing better, I learned how to be satisfied, how to connect and fulfill myself.
Two and a half years later, I’ve fulfilled my reality manifestation in full.
I did a complete career change (and all who knew me back then, knows how hard it was), and started my own business, which I’ve always dreamt of doing and never knew what, and mostly how to do.
My favorite class in the course was the class about the karma. It opened my mind to new places and completely changed the way I look and act, and the influence it has on my experiences is huge.
Working in the company is the privilege to pass it on to more people who ask more. Who choose to know themselves better and choose to be happy.
To be surrounded by Maayan and her incredible crew, where hundreds of people break through, people growing and evolving, it obligates me to continue my journey and never stand still.

Yael Oren

VP of content and trainings in Wellspring – Maayan Ben Tzion
Coach, lecturer and group host

Married, mother of 3.
Coaching since 2007, from the moment I came across the coaching world, I realized it’s the right way for me to give value, bring healing, touch people and fulfill myself.
Over the years, I guided meditation teams, worked with organizations, preformed lectures and courses for personal and business growth in the eye of Buddhism (Karmic Management).
In addition, I’m learning, practicing and teaching Tibetan Buddhism since 2008, in the guidance of Lama Dvora (by being so, I’m in charge of al the Karma issues at Wellspring).
I got to know Maayan, somewhere in 2007, she was assigned, not accidently, to being my coach in coaching school, and from there we connected.
In 2018 I chose to be part of The Breakthrough Course, and later the coaching course as a participant, even though I’m practicing the field many years, and successfully, I had a gut feeling telling me it’s the right thing for me, and look at that – I was right!
Because, beyond the life changing content, that truly affected my work as a coach, nowadays, I’m in charge of all the training field in Wellspring – their qualification and training, and I also manage all the assistance programs in the different courses.
My favorite class in Breakthroughs (except from the one on Karma) is the one of emotional dismantlement, I think that when we allow ourselves to touch the pain, the healing comes, and it affects all the other fields of life.
I’m glad I have the opportunity to affect so many people in the most amazing place I could’ve asked for me.

Ayala Oren

Chief Production Officer in Wellspring – Maayan Ben Tzion
Personal coacher, social worker

The personal development field has always fascinated me, but I never found someone I can relate to completely. And then, after countless objections, I’ve decided to enroll to Maayan’s course. With that decision, I changed my life, in a way I never saw coming.
I’ve started with “The Breakthrough Course”, I was devoted to the process and I persevered with the different materials, and my life began to change. As challenging as it was (and still is), I found myself looking inward, and starting to walk step by step towards my true hopes and dreams. I’ve improved every single field in my life, my relationships, my professional career, my financial state, and mostly – my self-worth. I chose to continue my path with Maayan, as I’m surrounded by a team of amazing people, each is an inspiration for me.
The class I found most powerful in “The Breakthrough Course” is “The adult and the child”. It mostly teaches us of our inner relationship with ourselves, and the healing process we can do through it.
I consider it a privilege to continue to grow in such a fertilizing environment, and passing on the tools that help people breath better, and create the life they really want.
In the courses I escort I get to see brave people, who go through a process, look their fears in the eyes – and cope. That’s where the power is, the true freedom, when they choose to take responsibility in spite of the difficulty, and grow stronger from within.
It moves me every single time.

Edan Ben Tzion

Assistant in courses and in charge of technical layout in the company
Nutritionist and coach

The personal development field contributed a lot to me, has made me move, grow and develop.
I love seeing the process people go through and their own personal development.
On a personal note – coaching people is extremely fulfilling.
My favorite class is, obviously, “The Adult and the Child”!
I’ve been in the team for 4 months, but my whole life with my sister. It’s so fun to be in this space, such a privilege to be with these amazing people, and of course, with my sister.

Lidya Oved

Head of trainers qualification in The Breakthrough Course

My name is Lidya Oved, and I’m a trainer in the MBT method, graduate of the coachers course and director of assistants in “The Breakthrough Course”. But first of all, I’m a mother of five.
After a decade + of childbirth, I felt the need to do something/empower myself. The yearn for a change brought me to self-search and self-teach: what do I love? What I’m good at? What lights my inner light? What makes me feel alive??
And when I diagnosed my life and realized I’m a source of empowerment, support and attention, I realized this is the field for me. I came to the course in the hopes of getting life tools, and ended up with what I’ve been looking for all along.
My favorite part of the process is mostly, when all the exclamation points become question marks, and then you get to work.
Being part of the Wellspring team is being in a space of constant growth, nurturing and sort of like a second family.

May Dagan

Interns mentor in the coachers course, hosts personal development workshops
NLP course graduate, reiki healer, yoga teacher and personal trainer

About 3 years ago, I got to know Maayan’s method, after searching for several places to promote my development. When I learned about this method and saw how much is changing and evolving in my life, I realized that this is the method I want to work in, and be there for people.
One of the things I realized is that my life is important to me, I came here to evolve and be there for what I love most – other people. That realization made me take charge of my own life, live the life I want, and that it’s important to me that I’ll be the one to dictate it and create it, and not the other way around.
What I love most is to walk hand in hand with my trainees, and see the moment where a person is sitting in front of me, realizing what was once impossible, become possible in a blink of an eye. The moment where people find love and tenderness for themselves, and fall in love with themselves!!!
My favorite class is “The Adult and the Child”, and I’ve been in the team for over a year. To be a part of the Wellspring team means being in constant growth, in a loving environment that grows with you, that becomes one big supporting, loving family.
The greatest goal is to spread as much light, value, growth and development as possible.

Keren Ben Izhak

Interns mentor in coachers course
Homeopathist and coach

Mother of 3, coaches in Ness Ziona and Tel Aviv.
I chose to train people because motivating any individual towards a free and happier life – released from fears, patterns and beliefs that restrained them, a great privilege. I see it as my life calling. Something that always satisfies and thrills me.
Maayan’s method is very accurate.
Many times, when people come to be treated, they do identify all the patterns and beliefs that hold them back, but how do you implement it in your life? What’s next?
Maayan’s method answers that need exactly. It gives you practical tools to implement all the insights we’ve reached and therefore creates total and complete response to carry out many breakthroughs and blessed changes in people’s lives, including those who claimed to have tried everything 
My favorite class in “The Breakthrough Course” is reality manifestation.
I see it a way of life and I get super excited when I see people discovering this magic wand in their lives and making tons of dreams come true!
I’m happy to be part of this wonderful team. A sense of true mission and giving in order to spread the good to as many people as possible, and help them live the lives they dream of.