Personal Coaching

The training process is designed to bring us back to a natural, healthy situation, one where we can recall our aspirations and desires. A process where we will be able to breathe better again, and allow ourselves to choose the life we really want to live in every single moment.
When we invest in ourselves, our growth and development, we are more productive, focused and efficient, therefore less needing compensation, and under far less stress.
The work of our development is never ending.
Knowing our patterns, the emotions we have throughout the day, why we do what we do or what triggers us.
Because only when we do real work on our lives, only then can we be a cleaner instrument for our children, our partner, our parents, colleagues, etc.
The personal training based on our method, combines tools to increase energy, creating a clear and bright future, understanding tools that help release unwanted energy from the past that hold us back from growing, as a result of small and large events we’ve experienced throughout our lives.

Dozens of coaches were trained by us, ordained and are currently training with our method around the country.
In order for us to adjust the perfect coach for you, please fill out the form below, and a trainer will contact you, after the match, in the next 5 business days.

Note: the match is made by Maayan Ben Tzion and her team. If you feel it’s not the right match, please send us an e-mail to and ask to be re-assigned.

Personal Coaching - Leave your details and we will be happy to contact you

מפה של ישראל

We have 1 coacher in Tel Aviv

We have 1 coacher in Ramat Gan

We have 1 coacher in Mevaseret Zion

We have 1 coacher in Kiryat Shmona

Trainers listed are English speaking, fully qualified and are currently in our mentoring program

Matan Refaeli
24 yo, martial arts ninja and coacher
Ramat Gan
Racheli Michaeli
40 yo, Parents guidance and coacher
Mevaseret Zion

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