Online Coaching Program - Breakthroughs

The Breakthrough Course, we all know and love, is now updated and ONLINE!

An online, surrounding, coaching program, packed with accessible content, with a personal coach escort – we will walk together towards your own breakthrough.

All you have to do is give time – and get to know yourselves.

Know in different ways than you thought you knew. Really know what your true desires are, and how you can make it come to you. Because all you want is already in your reach, just that no one showed you how it’s done.
Hundreds of people went through the course, and there is no better feeling than to see them improve their lifestyle and accomplish things they didn’t think they could accomplish throughout the course and after it.
Most people have fears and beliefs that block them – probably in one way or another, it’s like that with you too.
And so, life for you is a form of compromise, an ever-lasting attempt to show everyone that “everything’s ok”, but deep down it’s clear you have accepted to live with tension, to live with pain instead of treating it, acceptance to receive less money than you deserve, give up on a dream and another one and another one – it could be a relationship, a career, a family, whatever, but bottom line – you gave up on your happiness and your fulfillment.
And then, something is shut down from within. Life becomes a sequence of chores and lists of things to catch up, and with hardly any real joyful moments. Suddenly, you have aches in your body, ones you simply agreed to live with instead of treating, your breath gets shorter and shorter, and it gets worse sometimes without you even notice.

Success and happiness don’t just happen, it’s an exact science studied for many years and is gaining momentum and successfully applied in academia, in the business world and in the private sector. It has nothing to do with genetics, financial situation, personal circumstances or personal history. Anyone can learn and implement success in his/her life, the problem is – no one ever taught us how it’s done.

What will we be talking about in the program?

Course Sylabus
  • We will engage with “The 4 principles of transformation”.
  • Beliefs and their role in our lives.
  • Reality manifestation.
  • Giving and receiving – Karma.
  • Principles for breakthrough.
  • Emotional dismantlement.
  • Our 6 core needs.
  • The inner and outer game.
  • The grown-up and the child.

Enjoy the benefits of breakthrough as part of a team

“Coins falling” – from listening to other people, observing and exposure to others’ dilemmas and stories, you can easily adapt concepts and insights it’s challenging to realize in a session 1:1.
The power of a group is strong and sweeping. When you’re in an environment of people who have set a goal to grow, your life instantly becomes a reflection of that growth.
Group energy provides the fastest transformation. A million possibilities to create new opportunities and new collaborations open up to us when we are aware of the opportunities and when we meet quality people.

Why should I enroll?

We all want other people to invest in us. In our business, in our relationships etc., but most of us are unwilling to invest in ourselves. When we are willing to invest in our personal development, it echoes from the outside. In other words, the only thing we all get equally is time. 24 hours a day, divided to all of us evenly. What we do with our time is what makes the difference in our results.

  • Because it’s a 12 weeks program that will make you work on your life.
  • Because when you take a break from your everyday life, you allow your brain to refresh and see things in a new perspective, which allows you to come up with new solutions, much simpler than you can imagine.
  • Because you will be exposed to new material and new strategies.
  • Because your level of awareness will rise. And only when your awareness level rises, you can steer wherever you’d like (we pay an expensive price for ignorance).
  • Simply, because you have nothing to lose.

If you've made it this far, you too want to make a change, and you're in the right place!

The course may be online, but we will start it with a great, big, launching party!
The launch party will take place At the Moft Institute, 15 Shoshana HaPersitz St., Tel Aviv, on February 15th, 2023. 

Taped videos of Maayan Ben Tzion, packed and accessible, are the teaching days listed in the syllabus. Every Thursday at 11 AM, once the coaching program begins, a new teaching day will be released (containing several classes).

During the 9 weeks of the course, you will also have:

> 3 live chats with Maayan Ben Tzion – for Q&A, interactions and better understanding.

> 4 Zoom meetings with your own personal coach.

> 5 personal sessions to every participant!

> Reminders of all the meetings in your e-mail + calendar + WhatsApp.

> Online support group manned by certified trainers of the MBT method.

Once purchasing is complete, you will get an e-mail with your username and password to enter your personal area in the website.
Note, keep this info in a secure location and don’t pass it around.

In your personal area in the website, you will get all the teaching days. They will be revealed after the launch party.

Any participant works exclusively on their life, and is not required to share or be exposed.

Liability and Cancellation Terms

Covid-19 protocols – the course takes place in accordance to regulations.

After the second teaching day is released, and up until February 26th,2023, one can quit the program and receive a full refund, deducted the enrollment fees of 400 NIS.

What's the first stage?

Leave your contact information or call one of the listed phone numbers.
We make a short compatibility call, which takes about 10-15 minutes with one of the crew members. In the call you can ask any question or consult in any topic you see fit, and we will answer everything with special attention to your needs. It’s important for us that every participant makes the most of what the course has to offer.

What's Your Investment?

The program costs 5,000 ILS (Tax included).

The payment is recognized expense for tax purposes.
You can pay with a credit card (up to 12 equal payments) or the app BIT.


First and foremost, it’s totally understandable, and there are lots of people who tried different ways of improving their lives, and still haven’t gotten the change they’re after. It’s certainly frustrating, trying over and over again, and the change isn’t happening.
I can testify, that I’ve seen hundreds of people who participated in this course, and the hundreds of people who I’ve personally accompanied using this technique, and every single one who was consistent – created movement and change in their lives.
This is the time to think what’s really right for you? Does it feel right for you? We can talk about it in our compatibility talk, that’s why it’s there – to answer any of your questions, so that any fear that comes up will be referenced and together, we can make sure this is the right path for you in this stage in your life.
If, after 2 sessions, you don’t believe this is the path for you, you will be refunded, no questions asked (deducting the enrollment fees).
I trust you, and how you feel.

  • The program has a winning combination of theory with practice and application. We don’t just come to learn but to actually apply, in the meetings themselves and of course, in between.
  • There is a huge advantage for progress and internal realization, along with the group work, this diverse point of view can help make a lot of coins to drop, and truly makes all the difference.
  • The personal accompaniment of the coach that’s in contact with you, and during the
    sessions, answer questions, directing, and sometimes simply functions as an attentive ear, is one of the things that help accelerate the transformation process that everyone goes through.

In 1:1 process, there is no choice, and one must share and speak, I know it’s not for everyone. This is not the case.
Even if you have that concern to share and open up, and we won’t hear you throughout the entire course, that’s ok; we simply see the transformation with anyone that does choose to share and we would like that for you as well as for other participants in the course. Those who don’t share also go through a process and get amazing results.

The point of the group is not to be a support group where everyone shares and speaks, but to be a frame for learning.

Everyone acts in the way he/she feels comfortable, not everyone must share and of course not at every moment.

Some people take the course and they are quieter and more introvert.
We will gladly welcome your shares and help you in that place if it’s difficult and uncomfortable – it’s your choice. Because everyone who takes the course changes their lives, regardless of whether or not they spoke.

There is never a really right time, that truly fits, even if it is the right time to make a change.

Our brain is destined to protect us from changes we don’t know what they will bring, and everything that’s not familiar – is a threat.

To stop our lives and take care of ourselves, allows the brain to freshen up, see things in new perspectives and find new solutions is much simpler than we could ever imagine.
Sometimes, saying “it’s not the right time” could just be what stalls us, so maybe you should fill in your information below and we’ll talk.

In our short conversation you could ask anything you want and we’ll figure out what’s the right thing for you to do.

No, but you should ask yourself what kind of result would make the course worth your while?

What would you want to happen and how high is the payment that in your opinion, allows it to happen?

Everyone who participates improves their lifestyle and gains a lot of value, there is no doubt about that. We know that there is obviously more gain here for you than the cost of the course, but it’s important you know it too.

Each profession has its advantages and disadvantages. Everyone chooses what’s right for

I am a lawyer and mediator, I’ve been in this business since 2006 and after learning and enriching, testing and experiencing the method in my life, and I continue to apply it every single second.

Together with that, I’ve seen the impact this method has on everyone I accompanied and has participated in my courses. It’s proven.

This method is unique and it gives tools to empower our strength and awareness towards our own breakthrough.

I suggest you fill in your details, we will have a short talk and see if this is what really suits you.