Guest Lectures

Alongside all our courses, face-to-face and online, we also do lectures or private workshops by demand, according to your organization / company needs.
The power of the group is meaningful and sweeping, and therefore, our abilities to get processes going, improve goals and give value in such space, is enormous.
When you are part of a group of people that has the goal of growing and evolving – our lives become a reflection of that growth.
In order to give your employees / managers added value, by increasing their existing abilities, and then creating value for themselves (and as a result, for the company), we have built an array of tools that allows you to get a unique product.

One-Time Lecture

Face to face/online lecture, MBT Method based, to get to know the contents, enrichment and strengthening the soul, which is our most valued possession.

The lecture will take 1.5-2 hours.

Workshop / Seminar

An interactive workshop, where we will experience an actual process, that includes the participation and involvement of the audience.

The workshop can take between 3 hours and up to 30 hours.

The products will be in accordance to the needs of the participants, and the company, and will be delivered by Maayan Ben Tzion and her staff.
The program can take place in the company office or in a neutral location, per costumer’s choice.
For advisory and compatibility process – a meeting between the head of Wellspring community and the inquirer will take place.

In order to arrange a meeting – please leave your contact details, and we will contact you shortly